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  Project Staffing
  Temporary Staffing
  Seasonal Staffing

Is your business in need of additional personnel due to illness, for larger projects or seasonal peaks, holidays and the like? We can help you!

Personal follow-up

We place emphasis on personal follow-up for our clients and employees from start to finish. Our goal is that you get skilled staff to suit your needs and desires.

Do you need a team – or maybe just one carpenter?

We offer the leasing of temporary employees in all construction industries for your business. We help you whether on a daily basis or you need more staff over an extended period. We aim to deliver the best candidates in the market. Most of our employees have been in the industry for a long time, have extensive technical knowledge, broad experience and they deliver quality.



We staff Norwegian construction sites. We are a preferred supplier in the construction industry and we have good experience and reference lists from both small and large businesses. 

Transport and logistics

We supply skilled staff. Our employee base allows us to deliver the right person at the right place and time.


Javapersonal is a reliable partner who has extensive experience in the provision of human resources for industry.